Did she really mean this?

Ok so I went out with this girl the other day, and she ended up getting an uber to where we met up. So after us going on this date, I told her I would give her the money for the trip to met up. I accidentally sent the money twice, and she accepted it both times (instead of just the one and rejecting the other, and didn't mention it was sent twice). I looked back at it, and mention it to her, she asked me if she should send it back. In my head I am thinking "did you really ask me that?" That question just rubbed me the wrong way and feel like she would only be around for all the wrong reasons. I need advice on that.

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  • gerald
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    1 year ago
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    you are correct you must have trust , I do not understand her motives either , either she didn't realise look properly or she knew it was too much that would worry me not that I would miss it badly but its the trust that I fear

  • 1 year ago

    You've already answered your own question. Next time pay for her an uber one way to the opposite direction you're going.

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