What are these symptoms of (Abdominal Pain/Cough)?

So I've been having a problem lately. To note before I forget, I'm a 27 year old 430 pound obese man. I've had a sort of stinging abdominal pain that is more often then not like right above my belly button or right below the middle of my chest. Sometimes the pain will be in my lower abdomen, but generally it's been place labeled before. I also have started feeling the need to cough lately alot, and also sometimes kind of feel a little off.

I take these meds every day: Amlodipine (for high bp), omeprazole (just in case its acid reflux), and a Large asprin (to thin blood to prevent clots. Could this just be a very bad stomach issue? I notice some flem comes up when I cough sometimes, but it doesn't feel like I'm sick. And sometimes when I move a lot the pain gets slightly more intense, but the pain is never more then like a sting. Any advice would be great.

p.s. I have seen my doctor recently and wanted to ask others what they thought before I make the effort to spend money and see him again. I used to think it was an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm but I think it's safe to say that's far from what it could be.

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  • 1 year ago

    Sounds like a hernia to me. But who am I to guess?

    I don’t want you to waiste your time or money, so when you next see your doctor request a CBC and an ultrasound.

    The ultrasound will give the radiologist a nice view of any potential growths, tumors, or masses that may have formed. Not all masses are malignant (cancerous). Most are benign (harmless) until they grow and press on nerves and disrupt bodily functions.

    The CBC (complete blood count) is a blood test that mainly looks for anemic signs in your red blood cells, as well as an array of other searches. It’s a great way of ruling out cancers, especially with new technology.

    Please don’t stress this out, the odds are in your favor, believe me. Any stress will likely do more harm than your actual potential issue.

    Good luck


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