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How to accept others rudeness and hatred?

How to accept rudeness and the direct? Im so easily hurt?

How to stop being so sensitive & easily hurt? Am told it’s an un unlikeable quality?

In a coworker




Im so sensitive but i dont want to be as

People are rude and direct or cold at times

How to get a “thicker skin”

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    Practice. I have a very thin skin, but I've learned tricks to push things to the side. Deep breaths, trying to distract myself, telling myself they didn't mean it in a bad way. The last resort I have for anything that bothers me longer than it should is a mental trick. I imagine a room full of junk (think the room of lost things from Harry Potter). I pick one thing to represent the thing that's hurting or bothering me. I pick it up and walk out of the room, down a long flight of stairs, and outside. I throw it in a trash can and firmly close the lid. Then I walk back into the room and luxuriate in a room without what was bothering me.

    Hope that helps!

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    Ignore them look the other way and pay no attention to them realize they have a problem

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    4 months ago

    just try not to hang out with people like that

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    Important to remember, people who engage in this behavior usually do so as a way of covering up their own insecurities. They find it easier to focus on others as a way of making themselves feel better/superior in some way. Best you can do is choose to put your attention elsewhere and not give people of this nature any regard. Put your focus onto what makes you happy, spend your time with people who support you and accept you, and understand you are not obliged to give people of this nature any of your emotional energy.

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    Patience because it's a virtue.

    You would benefit keeping a straight face and not pay close attention to the overall tone of rudeness of other people because sometimes feeling other people's feelings can affect you in ways you can scarcely imagine.

    If you're asking whether sensitivity is an unlikeable trait of quality, i hardly think it's all bad but it can be overdone and if it's overdone is how people become bitter or develop bitter traits. That is why sensitivity must never be overdone.

    How you can get a thicker skin. I understand your metaphors perfectly. It would be by not overdoing personal sensitivity. It is best executed by keeping a straight face and having a lot of patience.

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    Remind yourself that it is the people who are being rude who have a problem: not you.

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    Knowing that if you were the opposite of what they're making fun of, they'd still make fun. Like stupid- nerdy, fat- over compensating, shallow by being in shape, poor- materialistic, greedy. Nice-jerk etc. People who make fun are not out to like people amd everything you do will be wrong in their eyes because they're only looking for faults.

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