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Isn't it sickening for a politician to remind us that mankind descended from incest and rape to populate the world 100,000-1,000 years ago?

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    Incest & Slavery was invented by Early Humans (scientific Adam & Eve) in east Africa. After Adam died, Eve concieved children with Cain, then siblings concieved children & became traditional. Since then this has been a cultural norm throughout Sub Sahara until early 1900s (20th century). The practice of marrying your aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, brother & sister even influenced Egypt, Inca, Polynesia Hawaii, & the lion king.

    The Slave Culture is alive & well in Islamic states throughout the middle east trough Immigrant Sponsorship with immigrants usually unpaid, abused, raped & beheaded. Slavery is pretty much hidden & Islamist like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram wants to revived the practice openly as it was 55-60 years ago. Traditional Slavery still exist among sub Saharans. Slaves weren't just obtained through warfare & raiding campaigns which also involved rape & mutilations, but also offering ones virgin tween daughter as payment for an offense to another family or spirits for which the spiritual leader receives the pubescent girl as his slave in labor & sex. Child trafficking is huge business in the Sahel, N Africa, Nigeria, Arabian Peninsula... South Africa being a Corrupt Rape & Murder Capitol of the World for 2 decades stems from hunter gathering tribal culture deeply rooted within the tradition & society of Sub Saharans since scientific Adam/Eve in Africa.

    With the arrival of Arabs (1000CE-1200CE) in the interior of Sub Sahara & before the Portuguese (late 1400s) sailed around Africa to set up slave trading ports with costal bush kingdoms, tribal warfare controlled population through sacrificial ceremonies that may involved having to consume sacrificial offerings, a practice that still exist.

    Joshua Milton Blayhi (Gen. Butt Naked) being notorious for conducting these sacrificial ceremonies as its High Priest in Liberia (VICE: Cannibal Warlords). In Tanzania Albino's, mostly children, are killed for their body parts as charms, souvenirs, & even consumed in the same manner that Gorilla hands and feet are sold as charms or souvenirs, the rest being consumed in the beliefs of gaining some powers like Black Panther's heart of herb.

    After abolition of slavery swept Europe (serfs), N. Americas, then central & S. America 30-40 years later, Sub Saharan Bush Kingdoms, later republics, still had a reliable slave trading partner with Arab & Arabize nations for another 100-140 years (Saudi Arabia (1964), UAE (64), Zanzibar (64), Mauritania 2007).

    Importation of slaves from Africa to the Americas was a huge mistake. Europe had millions of extremely impoverished Europeans (former serfs) from the 14th Century up to WWII. Now Europeans descent of N. America are feeling the mental anguish & headaches of that catastrophic mistake. Islamist, however, aren't convince that slavery was a mistake. Groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab wants to bring back slavery in it's former glory out practiced openly like how it was then in the grand slave market of Egypt.

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    I have no clue what he said. Don't really care, but incest was legal and encouraged throughout history. Sick yep, but true. From ancient Egyptians to the royal family.

    Humans are weird


    Let me remind you that Scientist Degrasse Tyson had to walk back what he said for saying something that was true, yet not sensitive.


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    And that piece of crap is a congressman ??

    No wonder a good chunk of republiKKKans still in the stone age.


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    Yes. That's about the most appalling thing that asshole has ever said. He's using a horseshit claim to justify preventing girls and women who are victims of rape and incest from getting abortions and forcing them to give birth to the result of those rapes. I'm surprised he didn't say slaves built the country so we should still have slavery.

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