What's that strange sweet smell around my home?

We live in a ground floor apartment in NYC. In the last couple of days, there is an obvious strange smell in the apartment. It's somewhat like sweet chemical. Our windows are open, so it may come from the bar next door. Before this, we had smelled the odor of marijuana, which was obviously smoked by someone living in our building or nearby. Now it's replaced by this smell. I can smell it when I was walking into my building, just by our windows and the bar, so probably came from outdoor.

Could it be some kind of illegal drug? What kind of drug has sweet smell?

Or any other harmful thing? It's now like 24 hours/day for at least two days now.


I just read that meth smokinig can smell sweet. Could it be someone smoking meth nearby?

Update 2:

Or could it be vapor? I'm clueless.

Update 3:

Now I think the smell somehow resembles not well scented soaps.

Also today I seemed to notice sometimes similar smell on the street when I pass by. Is vapor so common? I also sometimes smell weed (marijuana) on the street.

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  • 6 months ago
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    Incense. Easy. I heard only people who smoke marijuana burn incense.

    • cmm6 months agoReport

      Thanks. Can it come from a pub / bar next door? If someone was trying to cover the marijuana smell with incense, then I should smell some marijuana, no?

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  • 6 months ago

    Bedbugs... "'''

    • cmm6 months agoReport


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