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Approximately how many screws has my uncle Eugene left me?

I would count these (please see image) but I have the electrician coming around in about 20 minutes, so a rough estimate will have to do. I do not know where to begin myself but I can reveal the container is an old 500g coffee jar and measures around 7 inches high.



Thank you, this was exactly 247 1 inch screws (one was broken in half).

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  • 6 months ago
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    It is 247, no more , no less..

  • Droopy
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    6 months ago

    so the bigger question is the electrician working for screws?

    but you could weigh jar with screws then weigh jar empty then way one screw an then you could figure out how many screws.

    full jar-empty jar = x then x ÷ by weight of 1 screw = amout of screws.

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  • 6 months ago

    count how many in a "layer" then count how many layers (allowing for space and a jumbled container), and multiply. I would say around 150, give or take 50.

    Source(s): I have many screws, and a few are loose
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      That's a great approach sam, thanks

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  • gerald
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    6 months ago

    523 get the coffee on

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