Is Funtush11 a fraud?

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Of Course not.It is not fraud. I play Funtush11 regularly, I download teams(PDF) and verify other few teams too. I don t see any deviations like teams getting

    changed in middle of match.

    Funtush11 need not cheat,with bigger leagues like Lakhs per match, they are taking 20–30% of total money, so they are earning easily.

    It s just that when there are multiple teams competing, every boundary, wicket, catch has huge impact in rankings.

    I see Funtush11 as an opportunity or like a lottery to win big everyday. I might fail 350 days a year, top scores for 15 days, I might end up richer. It s not easy

    though. Need to be careful. People should know when to stop.

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