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How to go around getting Statutory sick pay?

I was wondering how i would go around getting statutory sick pay and if I would qualify for it?

I am very unwell both physically and mentally and experience symptoms both inside and outside of work, however are worsened when working due to the labor and stress.

For the past couple of weeks I have been experiencing a lot of fainting episodes (which is being investigated by doctors at the moment so the cause of it is unknown) in which I fainted 3 times within 4 days, have have fainted more times since,each time at work (although I have experiences symptoms outside of work, however it is difficult to help relieve symptoms at work due to its fast pace, demanding nature). Every time i go into work, I end up fainting or getting extremely close to it and end up getting sent home for this reason so have not made it through a full day of work in a long time, and I know if I keep going to work that it will make every thing worse until I have found out the cause.

I have also really bad clinical depression and anxiety and at this moment in time I am going through a rough patch, and on top of my fainting episodes I am not in a very healthy place.

I would get a fit to work note from the doctor explaining that I shouldn't be working however I really need the money as I am going off to university in a month and money will be tight as university is a massive financial investment.

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  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    Google SSP and see if you qualify.


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