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How to dry nail polish fast?Please suggest some cheap tips.?

Hi friends.I love painting my nails and doing nail art.I cannot afford brands like OPI or China Glaze.I use the one which is available in my country.I use tools at home to do nail art.My nail polish takes forever to dry.I have even carefully held it for one full day,but it won't dry.I have kept it under fan,I have dipped it in ice water,I have sprayed cooking oil but none of these works.I also cannot afford a fast dry top coat or anything expensive.Can you please suggest some tips to dry it faster?I love painting nails and I have 39 nail polishes and I don't want to waste it.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Sorry,idon't know.....

  • Anna D
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    1 year ago

    I suspect that you're coating the nail too thickly. I don't know if that's a technique issue, like you're just putting on waaaay too much or if the polish needs thinning. Try applying a single coat as thinly as possible and wait 20 mins for it to dry. If it's not drying that fast, add thinner to the bottle and try again.

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