Were the Pershing and the Centurion a match for the Tiger II if the war had of continued?

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  • 6 months ago
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    What doomed the tanks of the Germans was the way the allies used close air support. Close air support is only viable when air superiority has been achieved.

    The Tiger II tank had a few problems- it (like all tanks) did not get along with mud. Tank warfare is for open fields and arid regions. The small roads and terrain of the battle field that were being fought on at that point in the war were not conducive for it to be a winner. Secondly long range artillery was also a deterrent.

    I think most military minds agree that the money and resources of the Germans could have been spent better then on that tank. It was unreliable and a very big target!

    The Pershing at least was designed not just to take on German armor, but also Soviet armor. It proved superior to the Russian armor. So I am pretty sure it was a match for the Tiger II.

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      The Koenigstiger was far more reliable than the Tiger, & had a much more powerful 71 calilbre gun.
      It had a 6-1 kill ratio against the Soviet "Stalin" tanks. I'm unaware of the M-26 ever having a combat against the "Stalin" models. It would have fared very poorly.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Yes but it doesn't matter because air superiority, or at least air party, was the key to successful ground operations. The Germans lost that by mid-1944.

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