Is being insecure bad?

People always talk bad about people being insecure. An example includes saying something like “he only does this to hide the fact that he’s insecure” but what’s so bad about being insecure? I’m very insecure and I understand that it affects me when I take pictures and stuff but why is it used as an insult? Plus if you’re not insecure you’re most likely confident and doesn’t being confident mean you’re full of yourself or you have a big ego? I don’t want to sound ignorant and dumb but I really want to know.

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    You're right, people are insecure so they hide it with self-confidence. Call them narcissists. If you yourself have confidence, a check on insecurity that others treat badly. That is the only difference. It's a difference from action, you are honest and expect that from others. You're one of "us" the good guys. IDK male/female? It matters if a guy is insecure. It reveals itself in body language.

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