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Is my gf possibly pregnant? Details inside. Serious answers only pls?

My friend Gabrielle, she and I are both seniors in college. About 2 weeks ago a we got a beach house and went to the beach for a week with our friends. We ended up getting there a night earlier than all of our friends and we ended up having sex for the first time together after hanging out together all evening. We also ended up dating. We ended up having a lot of sex that week. We always used a condom.

Can anyone help me out and answer a few questions for me? Serious answers only really appreciate it.

Can Gabrielle possibly be pregnant? We always used a condom but it broke on us once.

Gabrielle had a few condones on her but once we started dating she said we’d need to grab a lot more right away. What did she mean by this and did she already know we were going to have a lot of sex that week?

The first night while I was out getting dinner for us Gabrielle was in the backyard in the hot tub. It was my first time seeing her in her bikini. Did she know I was checking her out? Why was I so turned seeing her in her bikini? She She made a few jokes asking if I liked what I saw and she bent over in front of me until she eventually led me up to her room and that’s how we ended up having sex for the first time. When she bent over why did I get so hard?

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    My guess is , you're 13 and just watched your first porno tape.

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    If the condom broke and you pulled out before ejaculating then the chances of her being pregnant are low. If it broke allowing your semen into her vagina then there is a serious risk of pregnancy but there's still a good chance you got away with it. It would be safer if she used some form of female birth control such as the pill in addition to condoms.

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  • Depends on Gabrielle's menstrual cycle. Women have a small number of days in their 28-day cycle where they can get pregnant. If she's a senior in college then she should probably know her cycle. Not sure? Buy a pregnancy test at a local chemist/drug store. If she used the last condom that she had then it would make sense to buy more (most adults keep a supply on hand whether they're regularly or occasionally sexually active...this is what you "could" call adulting). Related- you know what helps avoid having condoms break? Lube. So buy some (same place you bought those condoms). If you're using latex condoms, use a water-based lube (petroleum-based lube "can" cause the condom to erode/break). They even make plant-based lube if that's your thing. If either of you are allergic to latex they make non-latex condoms; generally, a water or plant-based lube is the way to go. So go buy some lube. Seriously. You got turned on because apparently you find her attractive in some fashion. Or you were just horny.

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