Why don't girls show interest in talking to me ? How come they talk to other guys at their desk but they don't come to my desk ? Why ?

I am 22 years old and working. I have seen that girls go to guys desks to talk to them etc. This bothers me a lot because they don't come to my place. Why is that ? I am kind of an annoying guy. But even when I'm not annoying girls don't come to my desk. Its always me approaching the girls and I'm not fine with that because it shows one sided friendship . Even when I approach the girls at their place they dint make eye contact and talk and when I ask them to look at me when I'm talking they make that irritated face . I have stopped talking to a few girls who have come and tried speaking again but then I don't want to talk because I will have to go through the same thing again. Girls do call me a$$hole for fun I think. Sometimes they talk to me properly but they seem very moody with me. Sometimes I have also asked girls why they don't come and talk to me first and some get angry with me. They tell that I'm not the only one in office. But they make eye contact with the other guys they talk. I have heard that i am a good looking guy but if I really was why can't they talk to me properly ? I don't understand them at all.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    It sounds like you are from a different country to them. If I am correct, I suppose it is because you have a different personality because of your culture, beliefs and upbringing which is different to theirs. You might not know how to be fun and joking, you may be too serious and abrupt for them. Start observing how other guys interact with girls and try to relax and make girls feel comfortable around you. I think you are too straightforward which can come across as unpleasant or rude to them.

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