How do I set-up my Condenser mic onto my laptop P.C. (WIN10)?

A CONNECTION-QUESTION to us Techie-types;

I am connecting an Expensive Condenser microphone to my HP Laptop terminal. How do I Call-up this microphone on my WIN10 operating system when I seem unable to access the SETUP-procedure I used with WIN7 on this-same terminal?

I am planning to start Recording Reads as a Voiceover Artist. <-I bought THE BEST QUALITY Condenser microphone I could get in-aim for the Best quality sound-recording. Please help me find the setup-procedure for my Laptop P.C.

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  • 8 months ago
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    Exactly what "condenser mic" do you have, and how is connected - direct 3.5mm, direct USB, via an external audio interface & if so what type?

    Also, what software are you trying to use to record with?

    There are literally many thousands of microphones and a vast number of interfaces.

    There is no one way to set up a microphone - it depends on the equipment and software.

    For info, any truly expensive & high quality one would have an XLR connection and need a separate audio interface to connect with a PC.

    Most claimed "condenser mics" that do not have XLR connections are scams, electret mics in fancy casings.

    There are exceptions, such as a few less-common USB true condenser types, but the are not generally expensive ones.

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