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Bathroom stagnant dettol water containing hair from drain.Toddler threw toy water splashed on face clothes mouth any chance of infection.?

Yesterday I was cleaning the bathroom with one tablespoon of dettol in half liter of water.The drain was water stagnant and I cleaned some hair from the clogged drain and went to fetch something to unclog the drain there was stagnant water of about 5 litres with 5 table spoon dettol added in it.My toddler came and threw some toy in the water containing hair removed from drain and water splashed on his face clothes and mouth and he slept in the same clothes is there any chance of any infection.

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  • 11 months ago

    why aint u take his clothyes off you bich

  • Joe L
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    11 months ago

    Not likely, the water isn't really stagnant, it stays in the pipe to keep the smells from coming out of the sewer. It gets replaced ever ytime the water runs. Hair in the shower will not cause an infection.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    High chance of that brain eating amoeba you've no doubt heard of.

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