In theory Ramadan is this true?

I wouldn’t meet my soon to be husband if it weren’t for me being a transsexual female a female. I wasn’t Muslim when transitioning I know better now but maybe though bad deed I get Islam and love anyways good deeds

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    You were NEVER female if anything you claim to be true about you being trans fake woman. You were NEVER a natural born woman, stop it. You cannot call yourself a woman, you are delusional. You will never have a real man for a husband, God forbid.

    I feel like you are trolling so bad and should troll better. Its very hard to believe what you said.

    I am very positive you cannot marry another man no matter how much you corrupted your God-given body. Only God can make a way out but I still do not believe and very positive a man cannot marry another man..God-forbid.

    I do not believe that you are Muslim. I don't know why you are trolling real Muslims with this kind of nonsense.

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    • fredda9 months agoReport

      Yes I know I am not female but I have female body now it’s permissible to marry in religion not gov control religion

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