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Am I going crazy?

My neighbors have harassed me for 2 years or so, I've tried talking to them but they just ignore me. I've mostly ignored them too. They bang their door when they see me or turn off their lights and it's not like i'm imagining it as my friend saw it too.

Lately I have noticed myself obsessing over them I literally feel uneasy about stepping outside or looking their way because they might slam the door on my face. Any advice is appreciated I feel i'm going insane!


ps i can't move out

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    Just enjoy the fact your presence affects them so much. It's not you, it's them with the problem. Try not feel intimidated by their immaturity. . I go to a 7-Eleven every morning to get a coffee. One worker has it in for me because I don't buy fuel or anything else there. So I pay him for the coffee as I walk in, he slams the till shut and bangs things loudly to show me his annoyance. He's a real *******. Yet, when I see another worker, he's very nice to me, he's from Sri Lanka and this morning he was showing me pics on his phone he took of his mother, his pets and elephants in his country and told me he's in my country studying accounting.

  • thats nothing compared to what i had to put up with with neighbours.

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    maybe you should talk to your landlord about it

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    Your neighbours avoiding you is not harassment. They may have issues of their own that make them uncomfortable mixing with neighbours. The problem is you obcessing about it.

    If you ignore them the problem goes away.

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    (1) You need to stop obsessing about your neighbors.(2) Try not to engage with them at all. (3) totally ignore them. (4) Above all, don't let them know they're affecting you. Live your life. Stick with your friends and be happy you have them. They're simply not worth your time or energy. They'll soon realized they have no effect on you. Stand tall, chin up, be you, be happy.

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