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Back when the Big Boys at Sun were around, was Linux dork, and Soliaris for manly men?


Sun Distinguished Engineers?  got more pung-tang than anyone else in San Jose?

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  • Marvin
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    8 months ago

    Obviously you have not read the history.

    Solaris was nothing more than a licensed UNIX. Remember Microsoft Xenix? Yes, Xenix was UNIX under a different name. That is what Solaris is. Linux is UNIX, but the original UNIX source was not used. Linux had been around two years before Solaris came along. Why is Linux more popular? It costs nothing.

    Just to let you know. I leaned UNIX in the USAF back in 1992 (after my stint in Kuwait). I learned Linux in 2005. Pretty much everything I learned back in 1992 applied.

    Linux will be a success because it is not controlled by large corporations that frequently go bankrupt because the executives get such huge salaries.

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