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3 day old will not sleep at night in crib?

She is great through the day. Drinks 3oz bottles of formula every 2-3 hours and will be asleep for hours afterwards.

In bed at night though she does not settle at all throughout the night. Even tho I know nothing is wrong with her as she’ll have an empty nappy, has been given milk. Has been winded and cuddles. She will still just lie in her crib and not settle and cry all night long.

I’m getting sad and frustrated, what more can I do?

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    3 day old???

    Even though she is being fed, she had the warmth of the embryonic sack to comfort her.

    She FELT/THRIVED on your pulse/beating heart to keep her comfortable.

    Talk to other parents of infants, NOW!

    I have an almost 2 month old granddaughter that I haven't held yet.

    260 miles away!

    May NOT see/hold her until 11/28/19 due to work schedule.

    Newborns are VERY NEEDY!

    Please seek advice and THANK-YOU for your daughter.

    Mama IS SPECIAL too,

    love Pap-pap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 8 months ago

    Since your baby is six months or younger, it's safest for her to sleep in a cot next to your bed. The American of Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends room-sharing without bed-sharing for or at least the first 6 months or, ideally, until a baby's first birthday.

    You can also consider the following tips to help him sleep:

    1. Keep the room at comfortable temperature, make sure it stays dark, and even try adding some white noise in there

    2. Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, not on the stomach or side.

    3. Put your baby to sleep with a pacifier. But if your baby rejects the pacifier, don't force it.

    4. If you rock your baby to sleep before bedtime, your little one may expect to be rocked to sleep after nighttime awakenings. Instead, try putting your baby into a crib or bassinet while drowsy but still awake.

    5. If your baby wakes during the period that you want him or her to sleep, keep activity to a minimum. Try to keep the lights low and resist the urge to play with or talk to your baby. Change or feed your baby and return him or her to the crib or bassinet.

    Some babies squirm, whine, and even cry a little before falling back to sleep on their own. Unless you think that your baby is hungry or ill, see what happens if you leave your baby alone for a few minutes — he or she might settle down.

    Some infants at this age will start sleeping through the night, but there is a wide range of normal. If you have questions about your baby's sleep, talk with your doctor.

    I hope this helps you out!

    Best of Wishes, ToddCare Team

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    • Pippin
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      There is NOTHING wrong with rocking or nursing a young baby to sleep. After every feeding. They won't still need it in college.

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  • 8 months ago

    Don't leave her to cry for hours that is bad for her. My son would not sleep in his cot and would throw everything out and scream and rage. The reason was clearly because he wanted to be cuddled and not to be alone. The minute I picked him up and cuddled him he'd stop crying. So I'd wait for him to fall asleep on me, then wait for a bit longer for him to fall into a deeper sleep then I'd every so incrementally slowly stand up holding him creep very very slowly across the floor and lie him very gently in his cot so as not to wake him becasue I'd been told having him sleep in the bed was a cot death risk. Don't know if they still say that any more but then did in 1999.

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  • 8 months ago

    These toddlers can be fussy sometimes .... maybe give it more time and it'll work out for you

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  • Pippin
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    8 months ago

    To clarify something -- you are using UK terminology for most things, so when you talk about a 'crib' is that what we in the US calls a bassinet? If so, that's fine. If not, a crib /cot is a large scary place for a newborn, so a bassinet may be more comfortable.

    And where is it? Is it right up against your bed? So you can just reach down and touch her when she fusses? So she can easily hear and smell you? When you do night feeds, do you have to get up and go to the kitchen to make a bottle, or do you have ready-to-feed bottles right at hand? The latter means you can feed her immediately without having to get up, and settle her back into bed as soon as she 's done.

    And when she HAS finished the bottle, do you hold her and cuddle her until she's deeply asleep?

    Finally, 3 ounces of formula is rather a lot for a baby this age. Especially 3 ounces 10 times a day. 30 ounces of formula is what you might expect a 3 month old to need -- not a 3 day old. If you had been able to breastfeed, she would likely still be getting colostrum, which is measured in tablespoons, not ounces. So newborns ARE hard-wired to need to eat often, but to take only a small amount at each feeding. So she may well be uncomfortable and overfull. Since she doesn't seem to eating often, try smaller feeds. Don't push her to finish a bottle in hopes that she will sleep longer.

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    • Pippin
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      And since you weren't particularly cognizant at the time, you only have HER word on what a good baby you were.

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  • PR
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    8 months ago

    Try putting a light on at night. By our third child, I noticed in the hospital nursery, it seemed like all the babies were sleeping - quite a feat. Then, I noticed they always have lights on in the hospital nursery. 

    Once we put a light on, our third slept fine, at night. I think the light causes the baby to squint their eyes and then just fall asleep. 

    If you think the baby may have colic or indigestion, try a different formula such as soy formula, or less iron in the formula.

    Our daughter had this same problem with her baby, but it finally worked itself out. If you don't get any relief, find someone who can sit with the baby at night, so you can sleep. It is hard to care for an infant if you are fatigued.

  • Suzy Q
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    8 months ago

    That's what a 3 day old does, and unfortunately that's how you can expect to feel about it.

    Your baby spent 9 months in your womb. She was surrounded by the sounds of your body. During the day when you were active she would be rocked to sleep, at night when you were still, she'd wake up. That's why newborns typically have their days and nights mixed up. And those nights, not only are they far too quiet (white noise, for instance a fan, sometimes helps) but she also misses the constant embrace she had in your womb. (That's why swaddling sometimes helps.)

    And then there's you. You just gave birth 3 days ago. Your hormones are plummeting, and this day is often when a new mother is affected worst by that. It makes you feel overwhelmed. It makes you want to cry. It makes you feel inadequate. No matter how well you are doing. 

    Just one thing: I'm sure you're a wonderful mother, providing your baby girl with everything she needs. But you say she's been cuddled before bed, and it just doesn't work like that. Imagine you're in distress and really really need to be held. Would that need go away if someone gave you a cuddle a few hours ago? Now imagine being a newborn feeling that need, and having no concept of the strain the other person is under. 

    I'm not saying that to fault you. I remember how hard this stage is. I only want to explain what this is like for baby, so you know her need to be held is not the result of you doing anything wrong.

    With my second I got a cheap IKEA cot, took out the side, and put it next to my bed. Mattresses the same height. That way I could cuddle baby at night without the awkwardness of a barrier between us, while I could still keep my own blankets. It made a world of difference, and before you ask: yes, he still just grew out of needing this. 

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  • 8 months ago

    That’s normal, welcome to motherhood lol

    First month is gonna be hard and your baby may not be able to sleep much at night. She is confused and scared of why is so quiet. My advice is to have the room very dark and play white noise on your iPad or phone. Do you have Spotify or Pandora without adds? Look for white noise, rain sound or heart beats and play next to the crib in volume medium high. When she was inside your belly there was a lot of noises and now is so quiet that scares her. Your baby is gonna wake up a lot anyways, maybe every hour, maybe every 2 hrs, maybe just 30 mnts after last feeding, is gonna be like that for a while. Do your best to sleep through the day and night when she’s sleeping because you won’t be able to sleep in again for a few months. Also swaddler’re doing great mom :)

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