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i saw porn in my dad's search history...?

this might not seem like a big deal, but it is to me. i live in a family of four. both of my parents have good jobs, my sister and i are in sports and advanced classes, and we are christians. i'd say we are a typical american family. my parents don't ever fight, we've never had any family issues or anything like that. today i was going on my dad's ipad to print out a shipping label and i looked up po (for poshmark) and the first thing that popped up in the recently visited was pornhub. i checked his history and sure enough he had been on multiple porn sites, nude chat sites, other chat sites, and been watching everything from lesbian sex to anal. it freaked me out and i started crying. the dad i knew was loving, kind, and caring. he had been doing this every day. i'm really not sure of what to do. if you're going to comment and tell me to mind my own business and let him do what he wants- please don't. i have a feeling something like this could really put our family in jeopardy.


edit: i KNOW that it was none of my business, okay? there is nothing i can do about it now. i am just looking for help.

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    Perhaps your dad wasn’t the one watching it. However, porn is pretty common. A lot of people may not openly talk about it, but A LOT of people watch porn. I don’t know about sex chats, but I don’t know if it’ll tear the family apart. You should talk to your dad about it. There’s a good chance that your mother is aware already anyways, but best to get all the facts first and be fully aware of the situation. If he doesn’t want to talk about it with you, understand that it’s a private topic and that it’s personal, probably not something he wants to talk about with his child. You can always mention it to your mother, but I do think that it is a private matter and that you should be sensitive if you’re going to approach it.

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    All men do it, so don't make a big deal out of it. Just because your dad was on those sites does not mean he is not "loving, kind, or caring." He is a human being with needs and desires, how do you think you got put on this earth in the first place? It's nature, don't make a big deal out of it, most women even do it. Don't embarrass him by saying anything to him or your mom. Just let it go.

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    Adults look at porn,,

    Kids look at porn,,

    Preachers, Teachers, Politicians & Sunday School Teachers all look at porn,,

    Yup! even some Parents look at porn,,

    And, if you have a BF then HE probably looks at porn too!

    So, now that you know that All God's Children look at porn just exactly what kind of "Jeopardy" do you think your family is in because of it?

    I mean SERIOUSLY,,

    Now that you know that your Dad looks at Porn WHAT to you think is the WORST that can Happen!?

    Do you think your Mom would kick him out & Divorce him if she found out?

    What makes you think she doesn't doesn't already know & even looks at it With him once in a while?

    Would your Siblings collapse into convulsions & Die if They found out about it?

    Probably not,,

    so what makes you think none of Them are looking at porn?

    Best thing you can do is keep your mouth shut & MYOB.

    Typically checking & clearing the browsing history in PCs & Tablets commonly used by other family members is as routine & common-sensible as making sure there aren't any pubic hairs left stuck on the soap after a Shower in the family bathroom!

    Ew Gross!

    Welcome to the REAL world, where Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, God Almighty, Christ, His Mother the Virgin and all the Saints & Angles are really NOT spying on everybody & couldn't care less!

    So as long as your Dad is too stupid to keep his browsing history cleared so such accidents won't happen, if you don't think it would strike you blind you might consider deleting it for him or at least "Very 'Quietly" suggesting that 'He' start doing it.

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    i would stop looking at his history and then you wont see stuff you dont want to see

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    Well you’re right it really is none of your business. I mean watching porn is normal and it’s not like he’s hurting other women so it’s fine. Also he could be watching it with your mom.

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    Perhaps your mother is not satisfying your dads "Needs" sexually and has started watching porn as a substitute for sex, it's more healthy for your father to be looking up porn than going out and screwing other women.

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    "i have a feeling something like this could really put our family in jeopardy."

    So you're assuming that your mom doesn't know about it and/or doesn't watch with him. How cute.

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    11 months ago

    Well, how long do you think your dad has been watching porn. A couple of days? Months? Years?

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It has worked so far so why make a big deal out of nothing.

    Maybe he’s just getting some ideas on how to satisfy your mom. You think you’re mom is happy with the missionary position every time. No way. She wants to try out different positions: doggy style, 69, anal, reverse cowgirl, wheelbarrow, froggy, jugghead.

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    Porn is not bad. Porn is normal and most people watch it you might just be clouded by the rules you've grown up with, but if you think this could put your family in jeopardy talk to your dad first. It might not even have been him for all you know. Its best to talk to him first.

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    I could list out the many ways to find out your search history without even touching your computer. Better to remain ignorant though right?

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