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Who is worse right now, 11th place Chelsea, 8th place United or 7th place Spurs?

Which of these crap 💩 teams is worst

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  • Harry
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    9 months ago

    Manchester United.

    Chelsea FC got rid of their best player and didn't even have a chance to bring in a replacement due to a transfer ban, so it's a bit harsh to judge them.

    Spurs should finish in the top four and definitely seem more likely to do so than Chelsea or Manchester United.

    I think Manchester United's defence is definitely better than it was last season, the problem is though, we've got no midfield to protect it, so it looks crapper and our attacking players can't finish either, especially Rashford, but now he's injured, along with Martial and Pogba, so despite our obviously lack of depth and experience, we don't even have the option our playing the best players in our squad at the moment, so 8-0 coming up against us too, by the looks of it, like we literally can't even score either - we can have all the chances in the world, like we did in our recent Europa League fixture and we'll score one and almost get screwed by the opposition - we'll be lucky to finish in a Europa League spot by the looks of it, assuming we take the league seriously.

    We definitely deserve far more criticism than the other mentioned teams, at least they've achieved something decent in recent years or at least last year, whilst we were worst off compared to the rest.

    Source(s): Man Utd fan.
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    • Harry
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      8 months agoReport Check my answer on here. I was supposed to answer it earlier, but did bookmark it for later. You stole my BA award, lol.

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  • 9 months ago

    Manchester United sitting in 8th.

    don't forget Jose Mourinho was thrown under the bus by these players lol

    His greatest achievement in football has to be finishing 2nd with that squad despite finishing so far behind City that season.

    Its as if nobody is being allowed enough time to 'fix' things at MUFC, in terms of managers they don't last at that club LOL !

    : ))

    And Mighty LFC sit 1st - 5 points clear of Man Citeh P 6 W 6 D 0 L 0 - 18 PTS 100% record intact

    next week it'll be 7 out of 7 and 21 points on the board ^_^

    Last seasons close but no cigar thing made us even more hungry !

    we ARE going to go the entire season finishing as CHAMPIONS and NOTHING LESs

    no way ho say can we let it go now lol

    its in the bag already ^_^

    Chelsea are work in progress with young talent that iwll get better.

    Kante deserves to be winning titles and that kind of annoys me, Chelsea should BE UP THERE imo for Kante's sake.

    Spurs are spurs, so no comment lol

    Arsenal are doing well, they'll likely try and finish 3rd this season which would be fantastic for Unai Emery as he looks to build his own side capable of mounting a title challenge against City/Liverpool.

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  • 9 months ago

    United are the worst, I think Chelsea are marginally better than them because they have one or two good players. but take those out of the equation and neither side would look out of place in the Championship. Spurs are just massive flops but at least they can actually throw away leads, Chelsea and United don't get leads to start with, lol.

    • Gillian9 months agoReport

      Good answer

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