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Will blocking a youtube channel prevent me from seeing that channel at all when I'm signed in on my account? Or is there ANY way to do this?

I have an early Kindle Fire tablet from 2013 which is the only tablet I have, but this tablet does not have the Youtube Kids app or the regular Youtube app available for download on it, and therefore I have installed a 3rd party app called Videos For Youtube. In any case, I have a 5 year old child who I allow to use the tablet sometimes, but the only way she can watch youtube videos on the tablet is by using that 3rd party youtube app since the tablet does not have the Youtube Kids app or the regular Youtube app available for installation on it.


So anyway, I was just wondering if there is any way I can sign into my youtube/google account anywhere, whether it be on a PC or on Youtube mobile app or Youtube Kids app, and then do something that will prevent me from seeing a channel at all whenever I am signed into my account. I know about the thing where you click on their channel and click on the flag and choose "block," but all that does is prevent the channel from contacting you

Update 2:

and will NOT stop me from seeing their videos when I am signed into my account.

I also know about clicking that "Not interested" thing on channels that are in recommended videos, but that also does not stop me from seeing videos from that channel, or it only works temporarily because I always end up seeing the channel again. My question is just, is there ANY way AT ALL to just avoid seeing a channel all together. Why the heck does youtube seem to be making this so difficult or impossible??

Update 3:

I once heard that they do it because "people would not make money if viewers could block their videos," <--but that is basically just admitting that they KNOW people don't want to see their videos or don't want their kids to see them, but youtube apparently cares more about the ability of content creators to garner money from kids randomly tapping on a video than they do about what the viewers want or what is in viewers best interest. It is just pathetic and sad.

Update 4:

 Is there just any way or anything I can click so that videos from a channel will not show up AT ALL when I am signed into my account? Please tell me this is possible!

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