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Seborrheic Dermatitis, omg, what do I do for this?

Dermatologists can't keep it from getting worse. What's the alternative?


No, even with prescription creams and shampoos, it's getting worse.

Update 2:

Oil makes it worse.  I've tried the vinegar, fiber, and probiotics the earth clinic suggests.

Yeah, I've tried all those shampoos and creams.  The doctors refuse to prescribe Diflucan, which I had asked for. 

Update 3:

I don't do caffeine, at all.  Yes, it's been the most stressful part of my life, being raped for years then locked up, discredited, and disarmed, by the legal/mental health systems after I came forward, as if I'm not an occult rape victim.

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    What bacteria, mold, fungus that grows inside the body eventually grows outside the body.

     Use colloidal silver. see everything to read about it.

     Use 9999 pure silver wire (amazon) in water with a 9 volt battery for about ten minutes, then drink several times a day, say many people online.

     Dr Bob Beck has the entire protocol for this in his book, and on youtube, called "Take Back Your Power".

      Incredibly good news, not as good as the gospel of Christ, but pretty good health news.

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    Add some vinegar to your body lotion. Stop wearing wigs. Reduce the acids in your food by adding supplements of calcium. Stay away from dogs and anyone that is incontinent.

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    Late ANSWER here. I have atopic eczema. I had very bad probs around the 90's. Prior, my eczema had been well under control. Well come to find out that I was allergic to aloe, and around the 90's is when aloe became the 'product additive of the decade'. It was harder than heck to find something that didn't have aloe in it. Kinda still is, even though the aloe craze is dying down. Even the moisture strips on disposable razors have aloe!

    Anyway, once I got rid of the aloe, my eczema went away.

    I hear some people get skin rashes from gluten. I don't. But you might want to try a gluten-free diet.

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    Check out, via Google, which essential oils can help with this and then buy an appropriate one and place a few drops in the water you use for the last rinse after washing your hair.

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    Use coconut oil and a curd soap without any chemicals inside. Use larch ointment. Don't use any industrial chemical products.

    It can be close related to your diet. What do you eat usually? Is it processed?

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    Try boosting your favorite dandruff shampoo with tea tree oil.

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    T-Gel shampoo can help control it. Plus, the doctor can write a prescription like Capex or Synalar

    (corticosteroids) to apply to the scalp, which help to greatly reduce it.

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    go to, earthclinic dot com , and type in issue and read........

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      Thuja occidentalis: This medicine is used for white, textured dandruff with dry hair and flakes that keep falling everywhere. In this condition, itching is very common and usually bad for the patient as well.

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    Sulphur. Sulphur soap and sulphur shampoo (let the shampoo sit on your scalp for a few minutes before rinsing. Try to get rid of other stressors in your life because it's a sucky immune response to stress. Stay well hydrated/reduce caffeine intake.

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    really. The best way is to keep using anti-dandruff shampoo as that should keep it down, unless it is like very bad (as in capable of creating a mountain of "snow"). Honestly, it's not bad, its just unhygienic.

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