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Any alternative treatment for Parkinsonian My left lowe5r hand alone trembles.?

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    • Recorded/Published [on line] Documentation with leads-Parkinson’s Disease:

    • Parkinson’s Disease-A degenerating disorder of the central nervous system.

    • Symptoms: In addition to cognitive and motor symptoms, PD can impair other body functions. Sleep problems are a feature of the disease and can be worsened by medications.[1] Symptoms can manifest as daytime drowsiness, disturbances in REM sleep, or insomnia.[1]Alterations in the autonomic nervous system can lead to orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure upon standing), oily skin and excessive sweating, urinary incontinence and altered sexual function.[1] Constipation and gastric dysmotility can be severe enough to cause discomfort and even endanger health.[20] PD is related to several eye and vision abnormalities such as decreased blink rate, dry eyes, deficient ocular pursuit (eye-tracking) and saccadic movements (fast automatic movements of both eyes in the same direction), difficulties in directing gaze upward, and blurred or double vision.[1][21] Changes in perception may include an impaired sense of smell, the sensation of pain and paresthesia (skin tingling and numbness).[1] All of these symptoms can occur years before the diagnosis of the disease.[1]

    • Date of commencement of treatment-24092012.

    • 1. Name of Patient, Age, Sex and Profession: Mr.S.Prabhaker, 43 years Male, Advocate

    • 2. Address: Kasibugga, Warangal-506002. AP. Intel AS.09963289033.

    • 3. Symptoms: Parkinson’s Syndrome-involuntary shaking of limbs, blockage in the heart- muscle spasm, ankle spasm, weak eyesight, severe knee joint pains. Saw super specialists-Neuro physicians/surgeons, Ayurveda experts, but to no avail for the past 5 years. Even acupuncture treatment could not help him much.

    • 4. Tender acupoints: Point Nos.1-5, 31-36, 11, 8. 16.

    • Point Nos.1-10 -----1 [brain], 2 [Mental Nerves], 3 [Pituitarygland], 4 [Pineal gland], 5 [Head Nerves], 6 [Throat], 7 [Neck], 8 [Thyroid & Parathyroid], 9 [Spine], 10 [piles-constipation], , Point Nos.11-16, No.11 [Prostrate gland], 12 [Penis], 13 [Vagina], 14. Testes & Ovaries], 15 [Uterus], 16 [Lymph], 17 [Hip], 18 [Urinary Bladder], 19 [intestines], 21 [appendix-front side], and 21 [allergy-back side]; 22[gall bladder], 23 [liver], 24[Shoulder], 25[Pancreas], 26[kidney], 27[Stomach], 28[Adrena gland], 29[Solar Plexus-Nabhi Chakra-Umbelicus], 30[Lungs], 31[Ear], 32[Energy], 33[Nerves of ear], 34[Cold], 35[Eye], 36[Heart], 37 [spleen]. 38[Thymus].

    • 5. Details of Medication-1. Mag Phos-6x 4 t.d.s.daily.2. Mag Phos-200 4 t.d.s. weekly.3. Amrith gold- 2 grains b.d.s.+ 1 cup of hot water.4. Elixir Caps-2 caps t.d.s.5. Anti-oxidant caps- 2 t.d.s. 5. Acupressure Mat/Massager.

    • Feedback Dated 16102012.

    • 75% improvement noted. Muscle spasms, knee joint pains, Parkinson’s Syndrome-Symptoms are, perceivably, vanished. Muscle pains and blocked energy in the heart and ankles have come down considerably.

    • During the course of treatment, the Patient felt heat waves coming out of ears, eyes, nose. Rhinitis symptoms, constipation. Blocked energy, toxins and heat accumulated in neuro-muscular systems got purged through lungs, skin, urine, and feces. Hence, the Patient felt excellent relief.

    • Feedback Dated 30102012.

    The patient rang me up stating that he had a total cure and agreed to publish the details on our website

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    If such a treatment existed, wouldn't every Parkinson's sufferer be using it?

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    Our best friend actually had a Dr recommendation he drink Mt Dew & it really did help him keep his tremors under control while he waited for them to legalize medical marijuana in our state. It doesn't work for everybody but he found relief with two 20oz bottles a day.

    I've worked in eldercare for 25 years and I had serious doubts it would work, but dang if it didn't.

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    The only thing I know is TOCOPHEROL. It is classified as VITAMIN E. I would think that you should probably start off with the lowest dose.

    There are fruits and nuts you can eat that might help you some. They probably have tocopherol in them.

    tomatoes, bananas, avacodas, onions, garlic, cashews, peanuts, cabbage, oranges, grapefruit and carrots. Eating nuts in large quanities can cause you to have diarrhea so I would watch out for that.

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    I am at work - I will write later. There is something you can do but idiot doctors are not able to help.

    Edit: ok. You are suffering about a poisoning of Glyphosate, aluminium and most probably Lyme disease and have a metal poisoning. Go to a good doctor who knows about that and do a Lyme and toxin test. If he says "you don't have it" before you make a test, insist or go to another doctor.

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    None, my husband has it. Drugs and exercise is all you can do.


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