Jazz tuba and Bass both in rythym?

I share bass line with a tuba. It’s sounds horrible, and I try my best to blend but tuba does not. I need a solution to either make it sound better or suggestions for other parts the tuba can play because I can’t quit jazz band as it’s required for my major.

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  • 9 months ago

    Electric or acoustic bass? I am curious - still does not solve the problem.  Talk to the director - you 2 should switch off on the music you play. Either choose amicably - or pull the names out of a hat.  At least ONE of you is not blending - and you probably feel it is the tuba player . . . so do not both play in the same work.  But you must talk to the director - that is why they are there.

    • sarah9 months agoReport

      Haha hopefully acoustic soon, I’m using a squire electric jazz bass for now but I’m saving up and hopefully soon getting a upright. I know their different but they’re so freaking cool like I love how upright looks and plays

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