Ideas for a research question about female politicians' portrayal in the media?

I am having trouble with coming up with a concise and clear research question for one of my classes. I want to research female politicians' media portrayal and how that affects voters' choices or something of that sort. Any idea relating to the topic are welcome, doesn't even have to be about how the media portrayal affects voters but still staying with that general topic would be helpful. 

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Recently a friend of mine was complaining about how, in her opinion, the news media seem to refer to female politicians by their first names rather than surnames more often than they do so with male politicians. (E.g. "Hillary" rather than "Clinton" or "Secretary Clinton".)

    It might be interesting to see if this is in fact true (I'm not sure that it is -- lots of newscasters refer to male politicians such as "Bernie" [Sanders], "Rudy" [Giuliani], "Beto" [O'Rourke], etc., by first name), and if so, if there is any measurable effect of that on voter behavior.

  • 12 months ago

    Coverage of women candidates often mentions their appearance or their tone of voice. That's particularly true of Fox, of course, You could do quite an interesting paper on how Fox describes female candidates.

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