I’m getting a tattoo on Nov 15th. Idk what to get. What do you guys think I should get?

I already have a rose, a tiger’s face, a butterfly (stick of butter with fly wings) on my thigh  and a Christian trinity tattoo. Honestly they don’t really have much meaning to them. Lol. I’m a 25 y/o man and it’s going to be black and grey. What should I get.  

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  • 8 months ago

    Personally, I always advise against getting a tattoo if it doesn't have meaning to you or you're not super, super set on a design. Why? Because tattoo regret is real and it is an extremely expensive problem to fix if you end up disliking it in the future. Just wanted to throw that out there, because I have had several friends get into this same type of situation and they ended up seriously regretting their tattoos. 

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    • Mel8 months agoReport

      I was giving you advice based on personal experience to encourage you not to do something you might regret and pay a lot of money for. Sorry for giving some input go do whatever you want and deal with it.

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  • Ramiro
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    8 months ago

    Praying hands on your neck, a Taz tattoo, a mexican woman wearing a sombrero.

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