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Is it weird if my tattoo sleeves are random?

I am getting more tattoos all the time, right now I have eleven. My friend says that he doesn't really get my tattoos because they are all different types of tattoos, I have some tattoos that are old norse, I have one native American tattoo, and some modern tribal tattoos, and some goth looking tattoos. My friend says that's a bit strange, but I just told him that they are all things that I like. Is it better to stick to one thing, or is this okay? thoughts?

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    Some people get a sleeve of like.... “one thing” (however you describe it) and some get different ones one their arm and both can be really pretty and interesting. I have a rose and a little bee on my lower arm and then I have a moth with a moon above its head above the elbow, and then above that I have a triangle with flowers kind of like growing around it. I love them all. They all have their own little meanings to me. So f*ck what other people think or say. Tattoos are all different and that’s what makes them all unique. If we all had the same kind of tattoos wouldn’t that be kind of boring?

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  • Mandy
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    8 months ago

    Couldn’t care less.

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