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What do demons usually look like?

I'm aware they're capable of shape shifting and therefore can possess many forms but what is the original trademark look of a real demon?

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    Demons are usually in a pitch dark human form. Some people call them shadow people, but this term is not accurate, because they are not like a shadow that is cast onto the ground or wall, but instead, a 3-Dimensional pitch dark figure. There are also gray ghost-like demons with long noses.

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    They are spirits and not seen, but obsess individual humans. They are better named "demonic spirits" or "evil spirits." They came down through generations from the fallen angels that taught evil to humans. Two hundred angels called Watchers decided to disobey God and take human women as wives and they took more than one wife. Their offspring were called "giants" and "men of renown." I believe their offspring were Zeus, Thor, Hercules, etc. And we know the giants as "Cyclops, Goliath, etc." God destroyed the first world with a Great Flood because of the mixture of angel and human DNA, but their spirits are still alive. Satan and his fallen angels are still roaring against humans on this earth today.

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    There is no such things as demons. And I should know because, as a LaVeyan Satanist, I’ve done a lot to encourage their presence.

    [Side note: LaVeyan Satanists do not believe in a literal Satan or in god(s), demons, angels or spirits. The character of Satan to us, a symbol of freedom, logic and worthy of imitation.]

    By Christian standards my home should be a cesspit of demonic activity. I went through a period of investigating whether spirits exist.

    Here’s some of the things I’ve done:

    Burned a bible.

    Made and bought a Ouija board and used it - nothing.

    Burned the Ouija board - nothing.

    Bought tarot cards and used them - nothing.

    Spent the night in a so-called “haunted” house - nothing.

    Hired a witch to curse my home - I lost my WiFi signal for the day but then Virgin Media informed me it was them drilling through a cable outside and I actually got compensation.

    Drew a huge inverted pentacle on the floor in the spare room - nothing.

    Read the Satanic bible and openly called out the names of the different names of “the devil”.

    Regularly blasphemed god (I called him some pretty terrible things).

    I own books like the Necronomicon

    I used a statue of Jesus to shovel dog **** from my back yard.

    I used pages of the bible to smoke my joints.

    Done rituals from the Satanic Bible

    So far, after MANY years, not a thing has happened.

    They don't exist. I wish they did, we’d get along. We disdain some of the same people.

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    One of them is a gorgeous bartender who wears lots of tight leather.

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    To Christians, it would look like the Horned God. The Horned god is one of the two primary deities found in Wicca and some related forms of Neopaganism.

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    Understand that a demon or devil is a Christian thing that only believe in 1 god.  The other cultures that had many gods the Demon was more of a trickster...a con artist.  The Greeks with their pantheon of Gods the Lord of the underworld was Hades and his power rivaled that of Zeus.  For the Vikings Loki would try and trick Odin.   The Greeks and Romans and Vikings spent time creating and developing the powers of their Gods both good and bad with much description.

    The devil you are referring to was conceived by 15 century artists and their creation is what lives in your mind.  Their idea of what the devil may look like.

    Being a hooved creature that walks upright is Greek or Roman? Hell was a place of NOTHINGNESS.   .

    .Yet a 15th century artist painted out a fiery hell...and that is the image you have in your mind.  From an artist that ran out of Green and Blue and only had Red and orange and black and yellow as artists were poor, so that is the image that hangs in the Church with them saying "this MUST BE HELL"  "Yeah, well if I had some purple and pink and green" it would be different.  

    But it was a rush order. Paint store was closed on Sunday, so this is the Vision you deserve. thinks the artist.

    What writers of books can imagine is what the devil is.  Not reality.

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    Whatever the author described them as!

    The only place they exist is in mythology and fiction, so you can describe them in any way you want.

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    Real demons are formless. Same as real angels are.

    They take on the form that best suits their purpose

    If you believe in demons, then you must also remember that they're from the same stock as angels. Think of them as different colored pawns in a game of theological game of chess.

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    They look like fat, orange-colored, incompetent presidents.

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    they're big, red and have horns

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