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I think a crime was committed by an advisor for my student government. Should I report it?

I'm a high ranking member of my student senate at my college and I hear conversations that most others don't. I was present in a conversation where the secretary and treasurer of my student government might have found our advisor to commit embezzlement for the department they work for. From what I understand there is an account where all the un-used funds from previous years are put. As far as I am aware the senate is the only ones allowed to use this account or approve spending from it. Our advisor admitted to our secretary that they took a little under $15000 from said account for a project that technically falls under the jurisdiction of the department they work for without the approval of the senate. Our advisor is considered a non voting member of our senate and works for the administration. There has been conversations about what the advisors jobs really is since there are smaller situations that have come up.

Yesterday, I asked the president for an update on the situation. They had told me that they will jot adress the situation until the next semester since addressing rhis would stir the pot and would make it difficult to do all the things they would like to achieve. A lot of those things I agree with. However, I am not sure that letting this go is ethical. Or if I trust my president will adress this in the next semester. If i report it by myself I might not succeed and will cause problems for others but if i don't they might do it again. 

What do I do?

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    Your local police department probably has some kind of a "silent witness" program. Contact them and give them the details you have. You don't have to identify yourself.

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    Listen quietly on their plan. take notes. find times/days of major moves towards the operation. Figure out a plan to take the majority of the money yourself but leave some behind for him along with a trail leading the crimes and blame to him

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    TL;DR. But crimes should always be reported.

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