mic not working on win10?

i only have the devices realtek high definition audio and audio mix but i dont have any of the other devices that i plug in and no input devices are found even on headphones with mic

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  • 11 months ago

    Does the headset have just one 3.5mm plug?

    If so you need an adapter cable to split the headphone and microphone parts to separate plugs, for it to be compatible with normal PC "sound card" connections. You can get the adapters easily on ebay.

    More info here:


    If the headset has two, three-contact plugs already, it should work when connected to PC headphone & microphone sockets. Note that not all desktop cases have working front sockets, so try the back panel sockets as well with those.

    If it's direct USB headset, it should appear as a different selectable device name rather than Realtek.

    Re. Realtek devices - Go to the Realtek sound manager / hd audio manager, either by double clicking the brown speaker icon in the system tray or via control panel.

    Then go to "Device advanced settings" at the top right.

    In there, select the "Separate all input jacks" option and OK it.

    You should then be able to select individual input sockets in any program that can record audio, when something has been plugged in and recognised (or manually set) as a specific device by the realtek system.

  • Dze
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    if its usb see if theres a driver for the mic .. and see if theres a driver for your realtek audio on the support site for your machine or board whatever the case is .. then check to see the mic is enabled and volume is up in sound properties/manager ..

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