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Is there a reason to not skip breakfast?

People always tell me to never skip breakfast, but I'm someone who wakes up in the afternoon (around 1pm) so lunch is my breakfast, and I have coffee at 5pm and dinner at 9pm.

The thing I'm not sure is, is there a benefit of eating food in the morning than afternoon health-wise?

Does the body absorb nutrients better in the morning than the afternoon?

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    The old tell tale ‘fact’ is breakfast is the most beneficial meal of the day. But personally it makes me feel as if I have led in my stomach the entire day so I just have a coffee and I’m good to go. There’s no clear reason why skipping breakfast maybe bad so if you don’t like breakfast skip it.

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    The primary reason to not skip breakfast, for many, is because that's the first fuel your body has had since the last time you ate, which may be as much as 10 hours earlier (if you eat at 5PM and aren't ready for b'fast until around 7AM). Fueling your body in the morning gives you energy to start the day, to focus on work/school, and get your metabolism rev'd up. The vast majority of people perform better when they've had a healthy breakfast, than those that skip breakfast.

    However, some people do fine without eating a meal shortly after waking up. For me, some days I have a light breakfast and other days I don't break my fast until lunchtime (I follow intermittent fasting, intermittently).

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    I was an avid breakfast eater for most of my life, then one day, I realized I wasn't hungry right when I woke up. Many people aren't, they just gorge themselves first thing in the morning because that's what we have been conditioned to do for years and years. I wake up between 6:30-7am and won't eat anything until 10:30-11am because I'm not hungry at all. I will have my cup of coffee with full-fat half and half, but that's it.

    I eat when I'm hungry, easy as that. I stopped syncing up the clock with my appetite and that has made a world of difference.

    The claim that you absorb more in the morning, you should always eat first thing is just that, a CLAIM. I know tons of people who aren't hungry first thing, but they eat anyway. Some people do need a little something in the morning, sure. But me, going from breakfast upon waking every day to nothing for hours after I wake up, I can tell you, I have not noticed anything different. My energy levels are still the same throughout the day if I had eaten breakfast.

    It also depends on how active you are. Someone who wakes up at 6am to go running will need something within an hour after a workout, but that also doesn't mean a full-blown breakfast buffet.

    It's quite simple- you eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full, and don't eat if you're aren't hungry at all. You'd be very surprised what listening to your body and understanding your hunger cues does. It's helped me keep off the 30 pounds I lost by this past April.

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    It just means when you get up good grief

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    The first meal of the day is breakfast, whether that is 6AM or 11PM is up to you.

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    I've been told it gets you going for the day, gives you energy, and whatnot. But I don't imagine there's much benefit if you wake up in the afternoon anyways,

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    No, if you don't get up in the morning, you can skip it, but if you DO get up at 6 and don't eat, you will probably get a headache and be unable to concentrate if you don't eat SOMETHING.

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