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Is dry fast better then a water fast ?

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    Better for what? What's your goal? How long do you plan to fast? Water is essential to the body, so it's never a good idea to deprive your body of it for long.

    Intermittent fasting is a popular eating method these days that many people use for fat loss or weight maintenance, and it typically involves fasting for a certain number of hours a day (such as fasting for 16 hrs and allowing yourself to eat whatever meals you choose to eat in the 8 hr window that is left) or to fast for a full 24 hours one or more days a week (if more than 1 day a week, the fasting should not be on consecutive days).

    Without knowing more about why you are asking, it's impossible to give you a good answer (outside of there not being any need to abstain from water, without a doctor telling you to do so).

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    No. You die without water in a week or so. Your kidneys stop functioning.

    Water is essential, and fasting is bad for you anyway, especially if you are young and still growing.

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    its just a different fast .. you cant go more than a day or two without water ..

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