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Is it true that the external graphic cards are not not necessary for most cases, only integrated graphic cards are required?

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    You might be right about most cases, if those were only Internet surfing, some spreadsheets, and a few games like checkers, chess, and a few other ones that are slower paced.

    But if you edit videos, do a lot of high speed shooting games, or run many monitors, you could benefit from an external video card of these types:

    A USB to VGA or similar output box from Iogear, Diamond, others

    A USB to docking station that has a video adapter inside, various ports.

    An ExpressCard or mini-PCIe adapter to daughter board with PCIe slot, and power supply for video card

    A Matrox or similar adapter box for more screens from one port cord.

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       HI. It's mostly true because the majority of people who buy new PCs are corporate customers getting say 50 or 300 new computers a year, and a different company updates every year, so it's a steady flow of large purchases for the Mfrs..

       The number of people who  usually buy or build their own systems are Gamers or private-company video & graphics designers, & most of the other small businesses can also run their stuff on an integrated (or non-addon) video hardware device)


       This is especially tru since4 computers have been running all size companies with spreadsheets, databases, web browsing, & even online videos since the days of the integrated 64Meg video hardware (Think back to AOL with Netscape), & these days even integrated hardware on a decent spec'd laptop can have as much as 512Megs to 2Gbs of shared memory, & some gaming systems can allocate 4Gbs.


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    For gaming an external is vital,.

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    If external graphic cards were always required, there would be no point in putting an integrated graphic adapter in a motherboard.

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