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Why haven’t listening skill been improved...?

I’m Japanese. I have been studying English since 12 at school. I studied at Australian university for 6 months as an exchange student and now am working abroad, now 27 years old.

I think my writing and speaking are sort of better than other Japanese around me but when it comes to listening, I terribly bad at it. 

I sometimes could not catch a simple word like “time” when it was said suddenly without any context. 

Also when I started to feel like I could not catch some words, due to some pleasure I feel, I cannot catch up with the talk after that.

When I look at my native language, I still may not at good at listening  especially in a noisy place. 

I’m scared if I am hereditary bad at listening regardless of language... is there anyone like me? Or anyone overcome the complex like me? 

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  • 9 months ago

    This shows that all people are different.

    Some can listen,others can't.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    as a fluent japanese speaker who has taught children japanese and english (10-14 year olds) a lot of them didn't learn to hearing Japanese that well until i reccomended them some japanese music (HYDE, Plastic Tree, The GazettE) i help them translate songs and make them read it back to me but in a way as if they're speaking to me in conversation. It helps if you know song lyrics because they might use that in conversation in TV shows or whatever, or at least from my experience. we usually carry a conversation with it and a lot of times they ask me to speak slower, which is fine. just ask people to speak slower and practice conversation with your friends and watch TV shows in english

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  • 9 months ago

    I live in the United States. I grew up in the North in New York State. When I was exactly your age I moved to Atlanta, Georgia which is in the deep south. I had a job as a warehouse manager for a furniture rental company. I had eight men working for me. When I first started I couldn't understand most of what they were saying because of the words they used as well as their accents. It had nothing to do with my paying attention. It was like they were speaking a foreign language. So what did I do? I swallowed my pride and asked them "can you repeat that. I didn't understand what you said". After some time they slowed down when they talked to me and I began to understand them better as well once I got used to their accents and slang words they used. You should try it. It works.

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