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Can somebody explain how to do a screenshot?

on the Windows 7 without referring to YouTube

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    Do a Print Screen

    Press Prt Scr on your keyboard

    Go to Ms Paint

    Click paste

    Click crop

    Crop only the area that you need

    Click crop again to lock it in

    Click the small arrow in the top left corner

    Click save as (select format)

    Now add file name and the save to location

    Click Save

  • 10 months ago

    Before that, let me ask you something, which fone are you using and which model!

  • 10 months ago

    It's too easy to take a screenshot in windows platform.: There are two ways to do

    1 Using Ctrl+prtscreen keys together

    2 Using PrintScreen directly in some laptops if this feature is given

    Or if it is not happening you have to make some changes in BIOS of laptop

  • 10 months ago

    press PrtScn = Windows captures the entire screen and copies it to the (invisible) clipboard. Note: On some notebooks, you have to hold Fn and then press PrtScn instead.

    Where can I find that key?

    PrtScn ScrLk Pause Look for this group of keys at the upper right of your keyboard. Note: Print Screen (PrtScn) might have been abbreviated differently on your keyboard.

    How do I take a screenshot of a single window?

    hold down Alt and press PrtScn = Windows captures only the currently active window and copies it to the clipboard.

    How do I take a screenshot of a specific area?

    hold down ⊞ and Shift and press S = Use your mouse to draw a rectangle in order to specify what to capture. Windows then copies it to the clipboard. Since: Windows 10 Creators Update.

    I guess it’s in the clipboard now. How can I paste it into a document or something?

    hold down Ctrl and press V = Windows pastes the screenshot (that is in the clipboard) into a document or image you are currently editing.

    Where should I paste it? I just need a (graphics) file.

    Start “Paint”



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  • 10 months ago

    To take a swift screenshot of the active window, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + PrtScn. This will catch your currently active window and copy the screenshot to the clipboard. You have to open the shot in an image editor to save it.

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    On your keyboard will be a key that says Print Screen (often shortened to PrSrn). Bring up what you want to screenshot and press that key. It will make a copy of the screen in the computer's clipboard memory.

    You can not directly see the clipboard memory. You then have to paste the screenshot into a graphic program like MS Paint, or a program like Word. Then you will be able to see the screenshot, save it, send it to printer, etc.

    All versions of Windows from XP on include a program called the Snipping Tools. You can open it by typing "snipping" into the Start Menu. The snipping tools allows you to draw a box around the part of the screen that you want to capture. It will then show up on the screen of the Snipping Tool. Form there you can save it, paste into another programs, etc.

    But there is no quick and easy way to just push a key and have whatever is on the screen print out a paper for you. Windows does not include that ability.

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    Press Print scrn button on keyboard then go to paint ctrl+v then save it where u want. Done

  • Rayal
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    Snipping Tool

    Description: Snipping Tool is a Microsoft Windows screenshot utility included in Windows Vista and later. It can take still screenshots of an open window, rectangular areas, a free-form area, or the entire screen. Snips can then be annotated using a mouse or a tablet, stored as an image file or an MHTML file, or e-mailed.

    Windows key, type snipping tool. Open snipping tool and use it to either screen shot the whole page or just the little bit you want by using the select box and clicking. you will have to "save as" to name and file it for later use.

  • Bill-M
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    On your Keyboard, there is a key labeled "Print Screen"

    It does NOT Print. Pressing the Print Screen key copies what is on the screen to Clipboard.

    Open Paint and Paste. Then you can save the picture.

  • 10 months ago

    Like Bob says, you press the "Prt Sc" (print screen) key. Then open Paint program and press the Paste button in Paint. Then save.

    You can also just do a partial screen grab by using the "Snipping Tool" that is part of the tools found in Windows 7.

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