Can i get this failure to appear charge dismissed?

in February 2019 i was given a fix it ticket for dark window tints and expired registration in San Diego CA. I dont live in san diego so i requested in extention and it was approved until May 17. but on april 12 my car was repossessed so it was impossible for me to correct the violation and then on April 15 i was involved in a car accident in my rental car in Los Angeles. i was not at fault and i was injured. i went to the emergency room and was instructed to see a chriopracter a coulple times a week, which i did for the next 6 weeks. i was finally discharged from the chiropracter in LA on june 14. but my ticket in san diego was due by May 17, and due to this very stresfull accident, and my loss of income stress because i was a food delivery driver that had to quit i was not able to make it in San Diego by May 17. i had completely forgot because i am still dealing with awyers to be compensated for my medical bills and lost wages for this accident. i had full intent on getting this ticket resolved which is why i requested this extention but do to my reposssessed car and car accident i was not able to make it to san diego before the deadline. Can a lawyer get this FTA dismissed?

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