Can some one tell me what is this mineral?

I found it on the way, dont know what is this crystal and greenish things around it?

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  • 9 months ago
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    I cannot see it well enough, but the white appears to be a carbonate (probably calcite). Cannot rule out quartz, but the crystal form (slightly distorted blocks) looks like carbonate at this level of (lack of) clarity. If you can scratch it with a knife, that will confirm it as carbonate. Quartz won't scratch with a knife.

    The green is likely due to epidote or chlorite, perhaps actinolite, because the rock looks like a lower grade metamorphic rock, and those are common minerals that give a greenish coloration. That is, the green looks like what would just be called greenschist, because it is green, and it is a metamorphic rock.

    But that is a lot of speculation. The pic is not all that easily viewed at the detail required to interpret better.

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