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Kaz asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 8 months ago

Downloading slot machine games from an old disk - would it work on Windows 10?

Are old disc's compatible to newer computers?  Or do you have to re-buy one specific to Windows 10?  Thank you for your response.


It's a CD (Disc).

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  • 8 months ago
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    Goerge is close. It can be compatible. But you may as stated right click, and then click the Compatibility Tab. From there there's a Compatibility Mode box, you can check mark that box and try running it in a different version of Windows mode. Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 etc.

    And yes there is the option to Run compatibility troubleshooter. But I would only use that if the software/program does not install or does not load.

    You may not even need to select a Compatibility mode either. So just try running it off the CD or installing it or as you stated 'download' it. And see what happens. If you start having issues, I would suggest trying Compatibility mode first and try Vista, then 7 and finally 8 if it doesn't work. Also sometimes on the packaging for the CD or the manual, it might give you a version of windows it is compatible to run with. If you can't find that, sometimes searching the internet via Google or your favorite search engine might help you find information that could help you run it on Windows 10.

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  • 7 months ago

       Hi. Compatibility mode is Your easiest option, which seems like it's necessary to use here.

       If it doesn't work under comapatibility mode, it probably means that the software can't recognize the newer harddrive format check for available empty space to install the software to.

       The older software would be looking for a FAT16 or FAT32 harddrive, & under Win10 won't have a chance in h*ll of finding one, & the data returned by Win10 of available space on the drive would probably be too large a number for the older software to recognize as valid.

       Your next option would be to either run it under an emulator program, or a virtual machine of the Windows version that last supported the right compatibility mode well ... Windows 7 or XP.

       But at that point You can actually get hold of a whole seperate computer or netbook for about $30(US) to run that software on, & a lot of tablets now have emulators capable of running those older discs ... most of those tablets cost about $40 also.

       I DO NOT ENDORSE OR RECOMMEND THIS EMULATOR, But the link has info that should explain what they are & how they work better than I can here.



    • Just Wondering0001
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      EPF : Used to buy a a lot of those $1.99 closeout discs from the old CompUSA stores too
      , but lost them in an old storage unit that went away.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    When you install the old disk from Windows 98 or Windows 95 make sure that you right click on the executable and select compatibility mode. Windows 10 might actually be able to run it after you do that. but if you try to install the disc without doing the compatibility mode thing it's absolutely not going to work.

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  • 8 months ago

    They will only work with operating system they were designed for. But try it on your system, it may work.

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  • 8 months ago

    You don't "download" a game from a disk. It is installed to the computer's hard drive. Whether or not they run on Windows 10 depends on the particular games. I have a few games designed for Windows 9X that mostly work on Windows 10, and other games of that same era even refuse to start the installer.

    You can try running the games and see what happens. However, be prepared to look for solutions or workarounds if they don't work. Sometimes, if a game was pretty popular in its time, then chances are that there are still people who play the game and have found ways to make it run on modern editions of Windows.

    Without more details as to what games you're trying to run (name, etc), I can't provide more detailed information.

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  • 8 months ago

    it is unlikely the later version of windows will support the game

    but it depends what language and how it was written

    what do you mean by "downloading from an old disk"

    do you mean installing from a CD

    if so it might be worth a try but I would fine a newer version of a similar game - there are many for windows 10

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  • ?
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    8 months ago

    They are compatible USUALLY. You might have to right click the application and click on Troubleshoot Compatibility. If it's a Win 2000 disk simply click on Windows 2000.

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  • 8 months ago

    i would just try it and see and then you'll know

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