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Is America moving towards a social democracy like Denmark because of the failure of capitalism?

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  • Dr. D
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    5 days ago

    America is moving toward a democratic form of socialism, and capitalism has not failed. Capitalism has been extremely successful, but most people have not participated in its success. The only problem with capitalism has been the unequal distribution of wealth.

    Unfortunately, Denmark cannot serve as the example America can follow.  

  • Zheia
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    6 days ago

    I doubt if there would be a failure of capitalism in the US because of its size. Capitalism may have failed in Detroit due to the collapse of the car industry as it was in the 1950s and 60s, and real estate such as the sub prime crisis in 2008. Other parts of the US could be doing well, eg the New York stock exchange, oil industries, entertainment, gambling (Las Vegas), sport, aerospace, space travel. A one size fits all approach would not work.

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    I do think the US will adopt many more social democratic policies in time simply because of the issues created with wealth inequality. One matter we do need to consider is scale. Denmark and many countries like it are quite small by international standards. It is much easier to create a social democracy with a few million people in a fairly densely populated region than with 320 million spread over a vast countryside. There is a political economist who reminds his audience that you could put all of Germany into Montana and Texas is roughly the size of France with roughly half the population of France. 

    After all the name calling and vitriol has died down, we may be looking at a new type of experiment which requires certain socially democratic policies at a national level, but the execution of those policies gives leeway to regional, state and local levels (I have a bias towards local myself). Right now, I don't know of any of the political parties speaking of such possibilities although I hear glimmers of it from some Greens--especially those interested in decentralist models, those interested in furthering the worker cooperative movement, and those pushing for a more aggressive expansion of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) model to convert large corporations into employee owned firms. Occasionally, you hear such comments from far left and far right circles--I guess it shows how the political spectrum can turn back on itself. 

    The idea would be to democratize wealth at the local level and grow the community economy from the ground up. The national and perhaps state governments would require that certain basic needs are met (food, shelter, clothing, clean air and water infrastructure, etc) along with basic respect for all human rights, maximized participation at the local levels and so on.

    I am sure a book could be written on these things, but whatever system we adopt--and we will need to replace the current post WWII system we have inherited--it will need to fit the needs of an American size country.  

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      Eric Weinstein: "we never knew that capitalism was going to be eaten by its son—technology. Second, we have to become both radically capitalist and radically socialist in different aspects of American life and the economy." This ain't your grandparent' s socialism or capitalism. 

  • 7 days ago

    it will be different from now... But Socialist? I don't know..

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  • Capitalism can't fail. In spite of how socialist a nation is, Capitalism is the only way new wealth can be created. When the socialist war against capitalism succeeds, the socialist nation must inevitably fail. Socialism can only succeed as long as capitalism can find ways around taxation, confiscation and regulation.

  • Anonymous
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    All I know is Denmark is a much better country than the United States.

    • albert6 days agoReport

      funny how Yanks see their lives through the prism of business and cars

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    When was capitalism given a chance here in America?  Every time it is tried and shows an iota of success, the federal government taxes it so highly it stops and dies.  Too many pandering professional politicians feel anything earned in this country belngs to the government.

    • We have literally never not had a capitalist system in America. We have always been capitalist

  • humpty
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    1 week ago

    Denmark has a capitalist economy, too. Social democracy and capitalism are not mutually exclusive.

    Capitalism has not failed, as such. Laissez faire has failed, deregulation has failed and trickle down has driven the nation into near bankruptcy as well, but the real cause of our crisis is the descent of the Republican party into neonaziism that began with Newt Gingrich and has continued ever since he started pandering to the Dixiecrats and the Klan.

    Trump may be the end result, but it was Gingrich who wrote the Manifesto and began the attempt to make America a single party state with a supreme Leader above the law. We should never forget that.

    • @Perry do you have the political/economic education of a ******* toddler? 

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    Denmark still has plenty of capitalism.  They seem to have found a balance of socialism and capitalism that makes its residents among the happiest on the planet.

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      Yes, consistently so. The methodologies used are rigorously supported. Of course, there are some cultural elements at play as well such as an acceptance of social egalitarianism. 

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