I was planning on buying a speaker however I'm torn between two. Which one is better jbl xtream 2 or bose revolve plus. ?

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  • 9 months ago

    jeez bose is hype,advertising,beat headphones,,noise cancelling, 3-400 bucks,,horseplops,,visit a used stereo shop,they open around 11am to catch the 7-8pm home from work crowd,listen to what they have, jbl pioneer kenwood AR. yamaha,koss,, small speakers with great sound can be had for a decent price,,go to an everything type thrift shop,you might find a nice pair for ten bucks

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    give them a listen and hear which sounds better to your ears

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    Neither. Curious how you came up with those two.  Consumer reports or something like that.  These are just generic low end consumer brands.  

    Do yourself a favor and educate yourself, and or go to your local independent high end audio store ( not like a best buy ) and take note of the brands they carry and even take a listen.  

    The better brands of speakers and stereo equipment you will not see in chain stores, or in generic consumer magazines, they are only sold in smaller high end audio stores.

    These generic consumer brands are low end junk.  Sorry just the truth.


    40 years high end audio video specialist

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  • 9 months ago

    Dunno, here to answer home theater questions Ask in Games and Gear or Other Electronics , or music and players sections.

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    Bose is pure hype, no matter how good anyone thinks it sounds. 


  • Lance
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    9 months ago

    A lot depends on personal preference Bluetooth speakers tend to have a house sound by brand  and so none are flat or hifi. A lot depends on what you like. Bose uses a propitiatory echo type effect ...so it gives their speakers a little more spacious sound but at the same time smears vocals some, making the words to songs a little harder to understand....I might prefer JBL because they use a more strait forward basic voicing...but its really a personal preference which one you like best. I would audition both at Best Buy or somewhere.... to see what your preference is.

  • Nancy
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    9 months ago

    I'm not a huge fan of Bose, but JBL is the cheap brand of Harman/Kardon.  Harman/Kardon is fantastic!  But JBL isn't.  If it weren't, Harman/Kardon would put their name on it.  Harman/Kardon doesn't want to do that, though, because it would tarnish their brand as JBL is just half a natch above crap.  Bose on the other hand is middle-ish of the road, a step below where you start to get into the really good stuff.  You won't catch real audiophiles buying it, but of the two, Bose is better hands down.

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