What should be my strategy to clear UPSC CSE 2019 with 18 months left?

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    The 18 month strategy according to my view

    Stage 1: October 2019 to February 2020 Initiate Preparation

    Aspirants should initiate intensive preparation starting October building their foundation for the exams. Candidates should plan to have completed the NCERT books by December and otheressential reading by February. Analyze exam question patterns from 3-4 prior years for both Prelims and Mains. This allows building of a proper foundation for their General Studies paper.

    Stage 2 March 2020 to April 2020Consolidate

    Consolidation of preparation is key in this Stage. Students should concentrate on the Preliminary exam and assess their preparedness by attempting mock tests from institutes and online tests. These tests will help identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, thereby identifying areas for potential improvement.Prelims exam structure the simplest of questions in complex ways in an attempt to trick the examinees. It is pertinent to note that the Prelims involve negative marking and mistakes can be a serious disadvantage.Application of acquired knowledge and use of alternate methodologies like elimination, intelligent guesswork to identify the correct answers.

    Stage 3 April 2020 to IAS Prelims 2020 Revise

    Preparation is a year-long process and aspirants have to constantly and comprehensively revise to keep their knowledge fresh an accessible prior to the exam.Considering the immense syllabus and topics in consideration, knowledge retention and recall requires review and revision.The short notes and bulleted summaries are good strategies for quick and speedy revision to refresh their learnings.

    Stage 4 Mid June to August 2020 Mains Preparation

    Post qualifying in the preliminary exam, overcoming the Mains require a different strategy considering that it is descriptive and involves written tests and essays.Aspirants should have already has extensive preparation honing their writing skills which is complemented by they already acquired subject matter knowledge.Students should lay emphasis on mastering their skillset of answering and presentation whereby their confidence in bolstered andthey gain an edge over their contemporaries

    Stage 5 September 2020 to Mains exam Mains Revision

    Candidates are advised extensive revision in all subjects and topics prior to the Mains.The short notes and summarized points should be utilized significantly and advantageously in this stage

    Stage 6 Interview Preparation

    Aspirants qualifying in the Mains have two months leading upto the Personality test/Interview.It is crucial to utilize the available time period to dive headlong into preparation of this final step.

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