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What should be expected of fathers of children to single mothers? How do your ideas positively affect children who are in poverty?

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  • rick
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    9 months ago

    Most single mothers are single by their own actions and choices. THEY filed for divorce, or THEY failed to use their own contraceptives, or THEY said it was "safe" and a condom wasn't necessary. THEY knew from age 12 or so, that unprotected sex would result in pregnancy. Therefore, being a single mother was a conscious choice. A man was utilized to fertilize an egg. That's as far as his responsibility should go.

  • Bobo
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    9 months ago

    There should be no fathers of single mothers.  Just because many men are irresponsible, society should not accept them as normal.  They should be shunned and compelled to support their offspring. 

    Children in poverty are being supported by the government, were the government not involved, there wouldn't be as many in poverty.  

    Source(s): Objective thinking. Not feel good thinking.
  • Pearl
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    9 months ago

    that they pay child support and spend time with them

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