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Wacom Intuos Tablet not working?

Okay, so I have a Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet that I recently started using. I bought it last December, used it for a month, then stored neatly in my drawers, carefully placing it at the top of the pile.

Now here s the problem. Today I finally used it, plugged in the wireless USBs for my mac and my tablet, and kept gently tapping my pen on the tablet. It wouldn t work.

I don t know if the driver or hardware s broken; the LED lights are on; the tablet responds to whenever the wireless USB is connected to the mac or not.

On the other hand, the Wacom Desktop Center doesn t recognize the device; the lights on the side of the battery of the tablet aren t on like they were supposed to; and the buttons aren t responding like they were supposed to.

Before I stored it, it was working perfectly fine.

Please help. I really don t want it broken.

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