new flame sensor on comfort maker furnace (propane) and still get 6+1 flash error - max trials for ignition reached?

the original flame sensor would run about 3 minutes, fail, retry 2 times for about 3 minutes each then go into lock out (6+1 max trials for ignition reached)

Installed the new sensor, it will run longer 5-7 minutes, but then stop and immediately seem to go into lock out (no retries) still the same 6+1 flash error code (max trials for ignition reached)

new inducer fan/motor installed as well - good ignition - burners look good and it does run

any thoughts / suggestions / ideas?

parts place is sending another flame sensor on the thought it is a faulty part

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Looks like a bad control board or a bad gas valve.  Call an HVAC tech.

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