How do I get steam to recognize my usb?

I have an Acer chromebook 14 cb3 that runs off linux chrosh with a 256gb sandisk usb that I've been screwing around with. I've set up steam correctly but for some reason I cant get my usb to show up. Its allowed as a storage device, allowed to share on linux, it's been formatted to both exfat and fat32.ive done command prompts to update steam with it in the computer and looked through all of the folders twice.the closest thing I've gotten to was under a dev tab on usb 001 and 002 but both were read do I get this thing to show up and how do I make the usb writable 


It also says folder is read only or must be empty whenever I try to add new folders to the usb folders

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Unless you're planning on using the flash drive on another computer, you shouldn't use FAT32 or exFAT. exFAT read-write support has only recently been added to the kernel (kernel 5.4 and newer), and FAT32 doesn't allow files larger than 4 GB, which will probably affect some games. Use ext4 or btrfs.

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