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Why do feminists hate men so much?

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    Feminists need an enemy, one that is oppressing them. It ensures women's  continued inclusion in The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and continued "minority" status.

    As long as women have this status, they continue to get government sanctioned privileges and goodies. So men have to contine to be an enemy, a boogeyman out to oppress them. This is where their feigned "hatred" of men comes from. For the things men allegedly do to them that just so happens to give them government provisions.

    Clever little racket, eh?

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  • 9 months ago

    men have longer penises than a lot of women nowadays idk

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    9 months ago

    because they don't have a dic k

  • 9 months ago

    they don't hate men, they just wanna be equal

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  • 9 months ago

    It should be noted - in both the US and Canada only 22 percent of ALL women define themselves as 'feminist'. And yet most women believe in the equality between the sexes. What does that tell you? That even most WOMEN don't buy the feminist nonsense. 

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    Not many feminists hate men. Those who do have reacted in an understandable manner to the appalling but contingent way men have behaved towards them.

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    They don't. They believe in equal rights for all. 

  • 9 months ago

    As Law Abiding Citizen already said, feminists need an enemy.   Feminism promotes advantages for women.  To do this they need to portray men as the enemy and women as oppressed victims.   It's also to promote discrimination against people if you come to hate them and convince yourself they deserve it.

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    Feminism stems from critical theory, which was initially created by Sociologist and father of Communism, Karl Marx.  In critical theory, you assign power dynamics to groups in absolutist terms.  One group is considered to have power, the other is considered to be subjugated.  With Marx it was the bourgeoisie with power and the proletariat that is subjugated.  With feminism it is the men with power and women that are subjugated.

    Combined with post-structuralism, which is the paradigm that the the existing social order (and with it these power dynamics) should be destroyed and the subjugated should be given all of the power, it is no wonder why feminism has turned into the monster that it has.

    All in all, critical theory is just organized classism, sexism, and racism.  It is putting a gun in the hands of your crazy uncle, the local urban mountebank, or aimless impressionable young girl that have not or never did anything with their lives and telling them the reason for their failure is rich people, white people, or men.  It is like the Jewish canards during WWII, this other is to blame because they are successful and organized, it's not your fault, THEY are keeping you down.  Sad that this thinking exists in the 21st century.

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    Many of the radicals have been mistreated by a man; so they blame the whole male gender for it. It's the worst kind of sexism, blaming the whole gender for the actions of one person.

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    They claim some men can be toxic and I can see why but that's a broad generalization from both parties.... As always feminists taking things to extremes and being toxic fems themselves😑

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