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One of my friends told me that that he likes to masturbate. I said nothing. Was he really saying he wanted to jerk off with me? ?

I'm looking back on that time we had dinner and wondering. I have never done stuff like this but he is someone I would like as a close friend. It's gotten complicated because now he is married and has an important job in a big office. 

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  • 10 months ago

    Maybe not. At this point it doesn't matter what sex you are, he did not offer to masturbate with you and he's a married man. Could be not complicated at all.

    I've always thought that most people masturbate. Doesn't mean they make it a group activity. Most don't.

  • 10 months ago

    i dont think so, he was probably just talking

  • Helen
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    10 months ago

    It depends on the context in which it was said. It may have been an innocent overshare - a misjudged moment of confidence, a joke that went too far.

    It isn't something you would normally blurt out in the company of platonic friends.

    What is it about this man's inappropriate behavior that makes you "want him as a close friend?"

    Be honest with yourself and if you're attracted to him, perhaps you need to keep your distance. He's married, and if he talks this way to other women whilst married, it would be no different if he was with you.

  • martin
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    10 months ago

    To bring up intimate details like that is a sign that something is on this person's mind. Since you are friends, you could ask him about it.

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