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Am I going to die?

Lately I've been scared I'm going to die. And literally upset, sad and scared about it, and depressed. It's all because I have to go under anesthesia for a surgery in a couple weeks. I think I'll die.

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    Yes, some day you will die, happens to everybody eventually.

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    Yes and probably in your own vomit

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    There is a chance you might die when you do this. Of course there's a chance you might die tonight or tomorrow or even the day after. Are you a female? Females' chances are less than males so if you are female that's something that might make you feel better as women do outlive men.

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    You may die sooner than later but so what ?  Billions of men, women and children have lived and died before you and life will continue afterwards. Not a big deal.  Worry about something on which you can have a positive effect, like charity work and volunteering.  Sheesh !!

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    I am not being glib but we all die.   NO!  You will NOT Die.  You will be fine and I know it is scary but just make sure you understand INFORMED CONSENT.  Make sure you do NOT miss a point whether it students being there and who you will allow.  So make sure you are not bullied by doctors and you have a chaperone,   but you will not die.  In the news recently we had a doctor who did hysterectomies without consent.  The University of Michigan was doing GYN exams w/o consent.  Under anesthesia asleep.

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    Sounds like a clinical form of anxiety, which can make folks imagine terrible, unrealistic scenarios that are very very rare or unlikely.  But anxiety makes us think it could realistically happen.  Even though it's not a likely threat!  There's normal stuff we do every day that would make someone else with anxiety freak out.  For example, you probably wouldn't be scared to ride in a plane, pet a big (friendly) dog, use a public bathroom, or row a boat over deep water...anesthesia is the same.  There's no logical reason to be afraid and you probably take bigger risks every week.  Even people in their 70s-80s, with multiple heart/lung brain diseases undergo anesthesia and are totally fine.  Anesthesiologists have to go to school for a looong time, and they monitor your vitals all through surgery.  Maybe talk to a general practitioner about anxiety.  It's all in your head.  I have it too...and it's awful. It's no way to enjoy life, but it can get better :)  

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    I've had many surgeries, including 16 in a two-year period. You'll meet with the anesthesiologist before your surgery and I'd suggest that you talk with him/her about your fears. It's a common fear, one that I'm sure they've encountered before. Modern anesthesia is very safe and you're not going to die during this surgery.

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    You'll be fine whether you worry or not.

  • Brian
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes, we all are.

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