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What is the molar solubility of barium phosphate. The Ksp of Ba3(PO4)2 is: 3.40*10^-23.?

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    Take X as the molarity that you seek ("molar solubility" is presumably in units of molarity).  When ionized, you would have 3X of Ba(2+) and 2X of PO4(-3) in solution, so Ksp=(3X)^3*(2X)^2=27*4*X^5.  Solve for X.  fifth root of 10^-25, or something on the order of 10^-5 M, I would think.

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    4 weeks ago

    Write the equation

    Develop the ICE table

    Substitute and solve.

    I think it's 7.1 * 10^-6

  • 4 weeks ago

    It's written on the bathroom wall.

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